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Jiulong Lake of Shidu Qingjiang River is located in Sidu of Shidu Scenic spot, where the scenery is picturesque, and the Juma River is rippling and winding. On both sides of the river, there are strange peaks and rocks on one side, tall and straight and beautiful on one side, and soft sandy beaches on the other, where you can have picnics, sleep outdoors, play water, play beach volleyball and climb Yi Xian Tian (One-Line-Sky). The screen stone in Yi Xian Tian (One-Line-Sky), the divine mountain at the top of the valley and the legendary dragon wood in Huangfeng are rare. This is still a film and TV drama shooting base.

This is a strange thing that happened in Australia. When a python named Monty was hanging out in the yard with its owner, people in the family began to notice the strange behavior of the python, and more importantly, Monty looks much older than usual. Soon, the family found that the beach towels that had been laid on the ground were missing. Eventually, the family took him to a small animal specialist hospital in Sydney, and with the help of a veterinarian, they took out a whole beach towel.

One of the greatest advantages of beach toys is their ability to promote active play and creativity. Building sandcastles can foster fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving abilities as children strategize how to construct their masterpiece. Engaging in games such as beach frisbee or beach volleyball encourages physical activity and team interaction, making for a memorable bonding experience for the whole family.

It was only this year that Ms. Guan, a citizen, was exposed to the picnic. She says she usually stays at home or goes shopping on weekends, and the way of entertainment is monotonous. Since being recommended for a picnic by friends this year, I will also go to the beach in the city with my family, bring hand-made sandwiches and other food, eat delicious food while watching the sea, and is still in the period of epidemic prevention and control, try to avoid indoor gatherings, small outdoor activities, avoid the crowd, can not only protect themselves, but also enjoy long-lost fun, and kill two birds with one stone.

beach bag organizer

If you are in the sun in Sanya, you have to bring sunscreen, sunhats, sunglasses and umbrellas. Everything that can protect against the sun can be prepared in advance, such as swimming suits, swimming trunks, slippers, towels and so on. You have to bring enough cash, and you may need cash on the surrounding beach, so be prepared to order your ID card, student ID card and other important documents and remember to bring

When she felt obvious contractions, Josie and her husband drove to a pre-selected beach location, carrying no medical equipment, only towels, gauze and a bowl that could be used to pick up the placenta with chopsticks.

Really tasteful women, flower shirts are through the printing style to reflect the beach tropical fashion, rather than the accumulation of five or six kinds of clothing colors. Looking back on the long-standing fashion trend, you also know how to choose. Despite the change in style and style, pure color items will not be out of date, even floral shirts do not need to use too many colors!

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