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After application, there are local reactions such as burning, redness and itching, which is a normal reaction; do not rub your back after taking a bath, and gently absorb the water on the acupoint with a towel after shower. If blisters appear on the application site, try not to peel off the skin or bandage it. Keep the part clean and dry. In serious cases, you can go to the hospital for corresponding treatment.

The towel gourd needs to be managed carefully at the seedling stage, before and after planting, and at the setting stage. For example, do not hurt the root system of towel gourd during weeding, and maintain an adequate supply of water and fertilizer during the fruiting period. It is recommended to irrigate small water in the morning and evening to maintain a relative soil moisture of about 85%. As mentioned earlier, the unsuitable temperature is also the cause of towel gourd bitterness, so the towel gourd requires a high temperature. If it is this kind of high temperature season, the field temperature can be reduced by spraying water on leaves. In the case of low temperature, the thermal insulation protection can be carried out by adding a small arch shed in the shed, sprinkling dry straw and straw and so on. In addition, we should also pay attention to maintain a reasonable planting density according to the planting season, variety and scaffolding mode, and should not pursue yield unilaterally and blindly over-close planting.

When it comes to prevention, we must first understand how fungal infections come from. Dermatophytes usually come from other infected people or infected cats and dogs. In addition, infections can be obtained from places where fungi live, such as showers, changing room floors, and areas near the sink. With the above information, here are some suggestions on how to prevent beriberi: be sure to wear slippers or sandals in gyms, swimming pools, public bathrooms or other public places. Do not share unwashed clothes, sports equipment and towels with others. Usually wear shoes with good breathability and change frequently to avoid dampness. You can also sprinkle some antifungal powder in your shoes, such as miconazole nitrate powder. Pets such as cats and dogs with ringworm must be treated at the same time to avoid cross-infection. Return to Sohu to see more

At around 8 p.m. on June 10, I saw two men and two women having a picnic here, aged about 30, driving a black Great Wall vv5, netizens said. On the morning of the 11th, I saw that this place is full of rubbish, such as plastic bags, napkins, cigarette butts, paper towels, chopsticks and so on. It is really unqualified to leave so much rubbish behind after eating.

4. Place the dough back into the mixing bowl and cover with a clean kitchen towel or plastic wrap. Allow it to rise at room temperature for 3-4 hours, or until it has doubled in size.

What I thought at first was: there are so many kinds of towels to be made, no matter how many towels are just a towel! Gradually feel general, unexpectedly, too fragrant ~ with the general towel big difference is that its appearance lines and materials are very similar to fish scales. People who often go to the kitchen do encounter this kind of problem: the kitchen stove of the dining room kitchen, especially around the range hood, there will always be sticky oil stains and dirt on the side of the sink, which can not be wiped clean no matter how they are wiped. Just soak it and shake it dry to scrub all kinds of dirt. Still remember to be sure to dry some and then apply, otherwise endanger the use of the actual effect.

7. After washing the hair, try to use a towel to absorb moisture. It is best to dry it naturally in a ventilated place. Try not to dry it with a hair dryer, because the hair dryer is also harmful to the hair. Hair is easy to dry when exposed to high temperature.

You can imagine how embarrassed I was at that time, with a face that looked like a bug but not a bug, sitting there with their towels around my neck. Later, when I started to contact skin care products after college, I knew that she just gave me some exfoliating gel and then cleaned up my 14-year-old cutin, but it scared me to death. This is all later. )

It is not necessary to think that this kind of car coating machine is only used for car paint and sprayed on the windshield, it can also help you remove the window fog, whether it is the reversing mirror or windshield, or even headlights. Fan Yutian sprayed on the interior windshield, gently wiping with a towel will produce a transparent protective film.

3) Emergency measures for fire accidents: first of all, consider personnel rescue and fire extinguishers or other fire fighting equipment to put out the fire by themselves, cut off the power supply, clean up flammable and explosive materials, inform the post to take measures, if it is judged that the fire is out of control, organize personnel to evacuate and escape quickly and call the fire phone. When escaping, you should pay attention to: do not panic, do not quarrel, do not squeeze, choose the appropriate route, recall the direction of the safety exit, find the safety exit in the shortest time, follow the command in an orderly manner, cover your mouth and nose with wet towels and wet clothes to prevent smoke choking or poisoning, low posture or crawling to escape.

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