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So, following the collection of slippers by young people in Guangdong (click to review slippers), today Douzi found several friends to share a wave of bags to see which bags are their daily favorites besides canvas bags among fashionistas in Guangzhou.

two。 Do not share daily necessities, such as towels, basins, slippers, etc., protect in the public swimming pool bathroom, make good use of your own slippers, do not use public ones, to prevent others from infecting yourself;

After settling down their personal belongings and checking their blood sugar and blood pressure, each patient received a meat-and-vegetarian meal. After dinner, Aunt Ma, 64, put away the sorting box under the bed, and the square cabin rehabilitation hospital prepared toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, slippers, towels and other daily necessities for each patient. “We are here to celebrate the Spring Festival in a down-to-earth manner, and we will certainly cooperate to do a good job.” Aunt Ma said.

It must be unexpected that slippers, which have always been considered rustic, will one day become a popular trend! But remember the slippers here are not the same as usual, but fashion slippers, vamps with some exquisite decoration, fashionable and exquisite. In addition, this year, there is a very popular slippers, that is, cloud slippers, silicone material, soft and stylish, wear as if stepping on cotton, very comfortable, the pursuit of comfort girls must buy a pair.

Most of the shoe cabinets are at the top, and you can put shoes up and down. If there is a balcony at home, the clothes you wear had better be put on the balcony, and the clothes still have to come into contact with the sun. The shoe cabinet is either made into a separate type and separate the shoes from the slippers. Shoes will be gray and unhygienic at the same time as slippers. There is a space between the bottom and the middle of the shoe cabinet, and frequently worn shoes are placed at the bottom, and keys and bags can be placed in the middle.

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