and carrying a handbag of a minority brand, dressed

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After the strapped rope is tightened, the whole bag looks like a “lucky bag”! Shoulder straps can be removed and adjusted, so it can also be turned into a handbag, really a bag of multi-purpose!

Each slub handbag is assembled by about 140 parts, large and small. A series of processes from leather cutting, hand-polishing, shaping and decoration, hand-painted oil edges, hardware assembly and so on are all done by handcraftsmen in Florence workshop. Each bag takes more than 13 hours to make.

and carrying a handbag of a minority brand, dressed

The most common color of Dior is gold, and this classic handbag is no exception with a light gold clasp. Another classic accessory is that the four capital letters of “DIOR” are hung on the lifting ring like a key ring, showing the logo of the brand and decorating the bag with an unusual wind meter.

3. Good performance, high resilience and high tensile strength. Strong toughness, with good shock / cushioning performance; 4, heat insulation and cold resistance. Excellent thermal insulation, cold protection and low temperature performance, can withstand severe cold and exposure; If the running arm bag manufacturer does not ask for clear and detailed parameters, they will quote casually when they see the image. Like this, the manufacturer is not a high-quality manufacturer. When users send an image asking for the price as soon as they come up, the running handbag manufacturer will give some similar styles that they have made to users for reference. Because the style that has been made must know the price.

and carrying a handbag of a minority brand, dressed

A few days later, the party flew back to Hong Kong. That night, Zhu Liqian appeared in casual clothes, wearing a black loose dress, a pair of slippers under her feet, and carrying a handbag of a minority brand, dressed very simply.

Handbags have more styles to choose from, while backpacks are more comfortable and have more space. You can choose according to the purpose of your trip and the quantity, size and weight of the things you need to bring.

and carrying a handbag of a minority brand, dressed

Moreover, not only is it the best accessory in her hand, but even the choice of bag is so different. The brown leather handbag, which looks more like a briefcase from the 1960s, has a strange style and suddenly becomes the focus of styling, making simple clothes and suits full of personality.

Full-bodied girly style, coupled with a girlish bag, can perfectly weaken the sense of youth. For example, a light pink bag or a small handbag can make the whole suit more fresh and lively.

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