used as a back basket, and a towel can be built

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(2) according to the characteristics that Mycobacterium tuberculosis is not resistant to heat and humidity and sensitive to ultraviolet rays, boil the tableware, towels, handkerchiefs and other items used by the patients for 10 to 15 minutes. Clothes, quilts, electronic products, books and other items that cannot be boiled can be exposed to the sun for more than 4 hours, or disinfected with ultraviolet lamps. The room where the patient lives can also be disinfected with ultraviolet light.

Then, the next step, floor heating: when some developers hand over the house, they bring their own floor heating, and during the early house inspection, they will check in advance that the ground heating is uneven after backfilling, and now they also need to check again whether there is a problem with the floor heating pipe and whether it needs to be repaired. If there is no problem, the next step should be brickwork. If you do not bring floor heating when handing over a room, you need to find a professional to do floor heating. There are many on the market, identify big brands, and pipes choose those with good oxidation resistance and smooth inner wall. Except for the toilet, the kitchen does not need to lay floor heating pipes. It can be laid anywhere else. The bathroom can be used as a back basket, and a towel can be built on it in winter, which dries quickly and ensures that the bathroom is not so cold. After laying, you will do a pressure test, there is no problem after the test, and then backfill, about 3 days, the backfill ingredients are dry, you can paste bricks.

Disadvantages: poor light and temperature resistance, not easy to dry, but also relatively easy to breed bacteria, if the towel used for a long time, coupled with cleaning is not clean, it will become hard, such a towel will hurt the skin, will make the skin cuticle thinner, or cause skin wrinkles!

How to arrange the shelves in ‚óŹ bathroom: upper layer: soap, basic cosmetics, toothbrush and toothpaste that you use every day are easy to get. Things that are easy to pour can be packed in boxes. For beauty, you can decorate some green plants and lovely groceries. Middle level: if there is space, you can put slender drawers. It is very practical to store cosmetics, towels, underwear and so on. Lower floor: the kitchen shelf can be used to avoid water pipes under the washstand. Store toothpaste, hairdressing products, shampoos, body washes, detergents and other inventory and cleaning products.

But what sets this toiletry bag apart from others is its unique hanging feature. With a convenient hook, it can easily be hung from any towel rack, shower rod, or door handle, giving you instant access to your toiletries. This can be particularly useful in the limited space of a hotel bathroom, where counter space is often scarce. The hanging design not only keeps your essentials within reach but also allows them to air dry, preventing any unwanted moisture or mold buildup.

Some people rub their hair back and forth with cotton towels after washing their hair. This bad habit is probably due to dry, unsmooth, bifurcated and severe hair loss. Although this method will make the hair dry quickly, the friction between the cotton towel and the hair will damage the hair scales, make the hair dry and sensitive, and lead to a large number of hair loss.

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