overlooking the golden beach and the first-line sea view

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Corona, the sixth most valuable beer brand in the world, has also brought its beach lifestyle to Guangzhou, opening the first store of CASACorona in China. Not only in the opening party to build a large area of log color, into the vitality of natural green plants, to create a very beach atmosphere, but also to integrate the holiday style into the space design of the first store.

Anti-fight Paradise is a well-known, high-end, fashionable entertainment chain. It is the scientific integration of toy park, popular science education, cartoon animation, family parent-child, sports exploration and so on. Engaged in operating healthy and fashionable entertainment venues chain entertainment franchise, own brand “R us Paradise”, amusement project electronic entertainment, super maze, happy beach, water amusement, hexagram gallery and so on. There are also many branches in Guangzhou, which is one of the good places for parents and children to play in Guangzhou.

overlooking the golden beach and the first-line sea view

The interior of the car is quite beige at home. In addition to the basic equipment such as the steering wheel and dashboard, there are also seats with adjustable angles. But the coolest things should be extras, including a surfboard that can be put on the roof luggage rack and a mini freezer, which is the concept of the whole family going to the beach together.

4. 2 Boss ROB China well-known Trademark, Longxin Lifan Jincheng Guangzhou Universiade Changjiang River Haili Tianma New continent Honda Zongshen and Jialing, Top Ten Kitchen and Sanitary Appliance Brands, Beach according to the export statistics of 84 motorcycle production enterprises by China Automobile Industry Association, Taiwan 3 Changzhou Express Qi Automobile Industry Co., Ltd.

overlooking the golden beach and the first-line sea view

Tanning has always been the aesthetic driving force for young women in the beach economy in Europe and the United States. In the popular trend in Europe and America, tanning represents a good image of nature, health and vitality, so it is highly sought after. There are even many extreme cases of skin diseases caused by too much pursuit of tanning that are exposed to the sun for too long, which is comparable to the madness of domestic whitening.

The project is located in the Fenghuang Island tourist Resort, with double-material sea view resources of Tangdao Bay and Golden Beach; to the south, it is adjacent to the Binhai Avenue with convenient transportation, connecting with the gold coastline of the West Coast New area; occupies the advantages of four-dimensional sea, land and air transportation, including Jiaozhou Bay Cross-sea Bridge, Jiaozhou Bay Cross Harbour Tunnel, Qingdao West Railway Station and Jiaodong 4F International Airport. High-quality universities live next to each other, from quality kindergartens to famous universities, achieving one-stop elite education, health care, entertainment and leisure. The construction area is about 130-220 square feet, with multiple gardens overlooking the golden beach and the first-line sea view of Tangdao Bay.

overlooking the golden beach and the first-line sea view

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