scope production and sales: luggage, handbag , suitcase, incubator, car storage box, car packing box,

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Dili Reba, a regular LV customer, also has an eye for picking bags online all the year round, this time with a black and silver square box of the 2022 early spring series, which sells for 42000. Dili Reba is dressed in a suit with long curly wool hair, beautiful and rustling, with purity in fashion, and a handbag full of air. This bag is rare on the market, and it is also a very valuable bag.

scope production and sales: luggage, handbag , suitcase, incubator, car storage box, car packing box,

At the same time, there is enough capacity for this bag to “hold everything”. The soft leather neutralizes the temperament of this bag, unlike other large-size handbags, it is relaxed and comfortable every time.

How can the fairy go out with less bags? the open-shoulder blouse is very versatile and can be matched with any kind of bag. The editor will introduce the off-shoulder blouse with shoulder bag, shoulder bag and handbag in detail. First of all, the off-shoulder jacket is more fashionable, giving people a kind of fresh feeling, the suitable strap satchel can be lovely wind or fine model.

The size 22 handbag is large, and the small size can hold a 13-inch laptop, but in fact, the chain of this bag is relatively thin, so carrying heavy objects will put a great burden on the shoulders, or it is more suitable to hold some documents or daily necessities.

scope production and sales: luggage, handbag , suitcase, incubator, car storage box, car packing box,

? Yeah? For a simple match with a white t-shirt, please choose a combination of black silk suspenders and black tones for handbags and shoes. The choice of color, the combination of orange halter dress and white t-shirt, it is recommended to match white bags and shoes every day with simple tones. When choosing a simple sling dress, you can choose simple black and white and other fashionable street clothes. When choosing black and white, you can choose a variety of color combinations. On the contrary, brightly colored suspender dresses choose black-and-white bags and shoes to wear simply and casually, with different shapes. When combined with a white t-shirt, there is also a choice of light colors. Return to Sohu to see more

Business scope production and sales: luggage, handbag, suitcase, incubator, car storage box, car packing box, wrapper bag, computer bag, hiking bag, travel bag, insulation bag, ice bag, car ice bag, car travel bag, wash bag, mommy bag, picnic bag, picnic basket, ice basket, picnic blanket, sleeping bag, storage bag, leather goods, leather gloves and decorative products, other leather products, tents, leisure tables and chairs, Car pillows, car insulation blankets, outdoor camping blankets, outdoor tourism supplies processing and sales Self-management and agency of import and export business except import and export commodities jointly operated by the State and import and export commodities operated by approved companies by the State (projects that must be reported for approval by laws and administrative regulations or decided by the State Council shall not be operated until approved) (projects that must be approved according to law can only be carried out with the approval of relevant departments) *

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