doors, ABC posts, coat racks, luggage side panels, wheel covers, engine covers, bottom panels,

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With the development of society, human beings are making progress, and many people are constantly improving their pursuit of the quality of life, so is the development of the luggage industry. When it comes to luggage accessories, what we have to say is the casters of luggage accessories, which is a crucial factor that can determine the quality of the whole bag. Generally metal products, the overall beauty will also affect the sales of bags. Nowadays, luggage decoration is becoming more and more popular in the luggage market, but the quality of the casters is also very important.

Takeout bags usually use 840D Oxford cloth waterproof fabric, lined with pearl PE cotton, tough and stylish. As the main structure of takeout package, the food warehouse is usually composed of 3-5 layers of materials. It is used to store food for takeout delivery, inside the heat-resistant aluminum foil, which is insulated by pearl PE cotton and has the function of keeping cold and heat. If the takeout bag does not have this function, it will become a handbag. The receipt pocket is a small bag on the takeout bag, which is specially used to hold the delivery order, etc., in order to facilitate the delivery staff to carry, this small bag is usually located in the back part of the takeout bag. According to the use of takeout bags can be divided into: car takeout, shoulder takeout bag, handheld takeout bag. Heat preservation and cold preservation is the basic function of takeout bags. it is a kind of special luggage with short-term heat preservation effect, which can keep cold / heat preservation. The product insulation layer is pearl cotton + aluminum foil tin foil, which can provide good heat insulation effect. Ztgsshxb123

doors, ABC posts, coat racks, luggage side panels, wheel covers, engine covers, bottom panels,

Configuration: 2020 Toyota Sena two-wheel drive version / four-wheel drive version? Top version, standard with 6 airbags and anti-lock braking and body stabilization system, can bring a stable and comfortable driving experience, leather double electric seat, heated front seat, double skylight, roof luggage rack, electric side door and electric tail door, central locker, JBL audio, multi-functional leather steering wheel, automatic air conditioning, dashboard equipped with larger inch TFT color multimedia display, heating drive. Additional features include DVD and reversing images, navigation and xenon headlights, as well as stainless steel chrome trim for details. It is worth mentioning that the rear window uses privacy glass, and the small rear corner window can also be electrically opened for ventilation, which is quite high in science and technology and more humanized.

In addition, Guangzhou has also formed a leading national cosmetics market cluster, leather luggage market cluster, jewelry market cluster and so on. For example, there are 35 markets in Sanyuanli business circle, with 12000 business households and more than 1200 leather brands. There are nearly 10 cosmetic markets, which is the largest wholesale cosmetics market cluster in the Asia-Pacific region.

㈡ interior lighting equipment includes cab top lights, car lights, door lights and luggage lights. There are instrument lights on the dashboard of the cab. The engine is also equipped with engine hood lights for night maintenance. In order to meet the needs of maintenance on the road at night, the car should be equipped with working lights with long enough wires.

doors, ABC posts, coat racks, luggage side panels, wheel covers, engine covers, bottom panels,

A. Automotive: (transportation) Ultrasound can be controlled by computer programs to weld large and irregular workpieces such as bumpers, dashboards, front and rear doors, ABC posts, coat racks, luggage side panels, wheel covers, engine covers, bottom panels, lamps, brake lights, etc. With the development of high-grade roads, more and more reflectors are welded by ultrasonic wave.

It has many product lines such as dashboard, door interior panel, post and threshold, center console and so on. Specific products include posts, seats, carpets, luggage box accessories, as well as bumpers, front modules, plastic tail doors and so on.

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