change, red and red handbag collocation in figure

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Ji Cunxi CIRRUS series handbags have enough capacity, suitable for a variety of scenes, practical and classic. The bag has five styles: black, pink, cowhide primary color, yellow and brown, matching different lines according to different color characteristics, there is always a match for you.

In the past, there was a heated discussion on social media, whether European women threw their bags directly on the floor, whether they were carrying Herm 猫 s or whatever bags they were carrying. With these four support points, they can protect the leather at the bottom of the bag, increase the useful life of each handbag, and it is also convenient to bend over temporarily to turn things. Professional women love this point.

Because a 80% new bag basically has obvious wear and stain on the whole bag, and another definition standard is that if the Taizhou Gucci honeybee bag you want to recover has been worn to varying degrees in all corners, it is directly defined as 80% new. This also shows how important the quality of Taizhou Gucci Little Bee handbags is for the high price recovery of famous bags. Basically, 80% of the new Taizhou Gucci bags are not a special limited edition popular style, so the recovery prices are mostly recovered at about 70% discount. Many bad style 80% new Taizhou Gucci bags can only get 80% discount? Many people think that they failed to recover the high price because of their old style of Taizhou Gucci bag, but the editor thought that your bag was confiscated to a good price because of the poor quality of your bag. Second-hand luxury goods in the store, there are many old styles but impeccable Taizhou Gucci bags get 60% discount, so usually everyone must protect themselves from

Here, the editor suggests that you had better get some Chanel classic bags or seasonal sales bags with high popularity. In addition, as usual, you should also pay attention to the reasonable use and maintenance of Chanel bags, regularly wipe the surface of the bags with clean style, and pay attention to the wear and tear on the corners and handbags. In addition, the box document accessories for Chanel bags had better be retained, and the price can be increased by about 5% and 10% when luxury bags are recycled.

Usually look at big bags, because you can put a lot of things, practical is really practical, but still a little tired of seeing ha ~ Xiao Qi will wash your eyes today! Last mini handbag ~

In the past, when it comes to bags and handbags, the first choice for many people must be black and white gray, because it is more versatile, but now more people no longer blindly pursue a dull single color, so LV also begins to constantly push through the old and bring forth the new in the classic style and color, making our clothes more layered. Release youthful vitality with bright and bright colors, integrate fashion and elegant design into personality and new ideas, break the immutable sense of stillness, ignite vitality and passion, and create a vivid new fashion style.

The recovery price of the handbag is more related to the brand value preservation quality of the bag. As soon as you receive the bag, you will identify the authenticity of the bag, check the original brand price of the bag, and then look at the purchase time, style, color and wear of the bag, all of which affect the evaluation price. As far as the second-hand market is concerned, the recycling price of bags is generally around 3-30% discount. As mentioned above, the degree of preservation, brand, quality, purchase time will affect the recycling price, so the recycling price of second-hand bags is not immutable.

change, red and red handbag collocation in figure

? Yeah? Summer style dress, broken flower style suspender dress, simple collocation, daily different styles choose different bags to change, red and red handbag collocation in figure 1 above, white and black bag in figure 2 above, shoe match, simple tone combination.

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