and small river valley beach areas, lush vegetation,

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There is a beach on the east and west sides of the hotel, the sand is clean and soft, and there are few tourists. You can have picnics and dig sand on the beach, and you can also experience rich water sports.

Sanya is one of the most beautiful seaside cities in China, with beautiful beaches, tropical rain forests, tropical customs and a long history and culture. The travel strategy of Sanya can help you have a good time in Sanya. First of all, during the tour in Sanya, you can go to the beach, there are many activities on the beach, such as sea fishing, seaside picnic, diving, water-skiing, etc., you can experience the fun of the beach. Secondly, you can go to the tropical rain forest in Sanya, where you can see many rare animals and plants and experience the magical landscape of the tropical rain forest. In addition, you can go to the ancient city of Sanya to visit the local history and culture and learn about the long history of Sanya. Finally, you can go to the tropical street in Sanya, where you can experience the local tropical customs and buy some local snacks and souvenirs. In short, Sanya is a beautiful tourist resort, there are many interesting activities to participate in, I hope you have a good time in Sanya.

and small river valley beach areas, lush vegetation,

The beaches of the three towns of Wuhan are all popular picnic places. On both sides of the river, against the blue sky and white clouds, no beauty and no filter is like a painting, and the broad river and the ships docked on the shore are also a beautiful scenery.

Rizhao No. 3 Beach is the first of the three formal baths in Rizhao City to be free. the beach spray here is very small, the sea is calm all the year round, and the beach quality is very high. During the peak tourist season every year, an endless stream of people come here to spend the summer. The whole beach is filled with all kinds of umbrellas, picnic cloths, tents and folding chairs by tourists. Tourists take their children on picnics or bask in the sun and enjoy a pleasant holiday.

The most important thing to go out for a picnic is, of course, the choice of location. Parks, wide lawns, beaches and so on are usually guided by several locations with high frequency. It can also be seen that with regard to the choice of picnic sites, several principles we should follow are:

The main space at headquarters is the large call ventricle, which requires very careful acoustics because of the type of work carried out there. ELEQUIPOCREATIVO takes the sound insulation element as one of the main design strategies. The result is a vivid acoustic ceiling, simulated beach towels, bright colors and sailor stripes exploding. The textured carpet floor contrasts organically with the ceiling. In different shades and grades of blue, the carpet simulates the sea water sweeping across the beach.

Like camping on the beach in Rizhao Sunshine Coastal Camping Park? Picnic. Bring snacks and drinks, set up a portable wooden table, you can enjoy a pleasant and unforgettable camping time

and small river valley beach areas, lush vegetation,

Recently, the pink beach of Yunman Lake is really out of the circle, full of romantic overflow screen, woods, sky, lawn, lake wind, 2000 square meters romantic pink beach free photo clocking in. Make sand in a large pink sand pool, bask in the sun on the beach, or have a picnic in a restaurant near the lake. You can also enjoy a leisurely holiday by taking a boat view of the lakes and mountains.

Large and small river valley beach areas, lush vegetation, fresh air, when the sun to take off shoes to play in the water, cool and comfortable ~ or set up a tent camping, bring some food to barbecue, prepare a big picnic, it is just right! After eating and drinking, it is wonderful to let the scenery of the Hanjiang River Valley, the sunset and the starry Milky way accompany the whole family to sleep together.

During the Golden week, Changting Village, Shitang Town, Yunhe County attracted many tourists to visit, and the scenic spot once again ushered in a peak of passenger flow. At about 10:00 in the morning, Changting Village, Shitang Town, was already crowded, and many tourists from surrounding counties and cities came to visit. On the beach, children carry sand buckets, dig sand, build castles, parents barbecue, picnic, a leisurely scene.

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