and 2000 popular Chanel handbag s. In addition, the

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Recently, Life visited the Xinjin Internet Red Store in Sanlitun, Beijing: the offline flagship store opened in Sanlitun at the end of last year by Fatty Tiger, a second-hand luxury goods circulation service platform. The store, which focuses on young people of the post-90s and post-00s generation, is designed to combine medieval luxury and avant-garde fashion. The store is divided into several theme areas, displaying more than 300 classic LV presbyopia bags; the Rainbow Wall consisting of 200 Herm 猫 s bags and 2000 popular Chanel handbags. In addition, the store has also set up a baby-grabbing machine with a blind box of luxury goods to attract a large number of young consumers to sign in.

But if you are not obsessed with the “four King Kong” or popular bags and handbags, you can also find some bags worth starting with within the 4W budget. The editor has already helped you dish out these handbags. Which one do you like? get started!

and 2000 popular Chanel handbag s. In addition, the

The woven element is covered with nylon wide shoulder straps, and the C-bit black-and-white ARCH logo looks young and lively, making this oblique handbag eye-catching. What could be more suitable for the coming summer than knitting bags?

Compared with young girls, mature women pay more attention to practicality and aesthetics when choosing to go out with their bags. When matching formal items such as suits, you can choose classic large bags such as neverfull to enhance the sense of interest, or you can choose exquisite handbags such as concubine bags to enhance femininity.

and 2000 popular Chanel handbag s. In addition, the

The British father entered the door behind him with a baby bottle in one hand and a bag behind him, containing baby toys, diapers, towels and other baby items. On the other hand, British mothers wear fashionable clothes and can wear high heels and light makeup as long as they carry a small bag. She put her handbag on the table and carried the child to her seat. They understand.

Jewelry is a little exaggerated white pearl earrings, swaying with the pace, instantly increasing the “wealth” of the whole body (laughter). The bag is a camel-colored cloud handbag that appears countless times, with platinum printed scarves and thin belts, and short boots naturally choose white to continue the sense of dust free from trivialities.

and 2000 popular Chanel handbag s. In addition, the

The short leather coat is domineering and three-dimensional. Build a black handbag, not only in line with the identity of the “queen”, but also show a strong aura. Adding some metal buttons or metal decoration to the bag will make it more technological and fashionable.

The products touched include: toasters, sandwich ovens, electric kettles and other electrical products that touch food; food storage supplies; kitchen utensils such as fortified glass panels and stainless steel pans; bowls, knives, spoons, cups and plates; clothing, bedding, towels, wigs, false eyelashes, hats, diapers and other sanitary products, sleeping bags, shoes, gloves, watchbands, handbags, wallets / wallets, briefcases, chair covering materials Textile or leather toys and toys containing textile or leather clothing; yarns and fabrics for direct use; various cosmetics and tobacco products, etc.

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