seats are occupied and luggage compartment is loaded;

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The customs clearance method of levying postal tax on incoming luggage, articles and parcels, characteristics: articles purchased by individuals (reasonable for personal use), except for contraband that cannot be issued, can be cleared by postal clearance according to the postal tax rate, within 50 yuan of taxes and fees: 13% for books, newspapers, publications, computers, information technology products, food, beverages, gold and silver, furniture, toys, festivals or other entertainment items. Textiles and their manufactured products, bags and shoes, fishing supplies, TV cameras and other electrical appliances, toiletries, bicycles, sporting goods (excluding golf and golf sets), etc., 20%; cosmetics, tobacco, alcohol, precious jewelry and their jewelry, jade, golf clubs, high-end watches, etc. 50%.

What kind of product is this? From the introduction point of view, this is similar to the “Flying pass” we discussed last week, which is an auxiliary product package with the combination of ticket vouchers and air travel value-added products, or, more simply, a small variation of “machine +” products. The core provides users with the same amount of air ticket vouchers and air travel directly related to seat selection, luggage and other value-added products. Compared with “Flying pass”, in addition to the huge price difference, the gifts and points given directly are replaced by air travel value-added products, which has the advantage of being closer to the rigid needs of passengers, and is also more simple and intuitive.

The embracing cockpit contains strong lines and exquisite finishes, which increases the inclination of the new center console and presents a consistent visual experience with the dashboard and door panel. The luggage space is located at the back of the two chairs, which is integrated with the front row design.

However, in addition to the field of energy absorption and heat resistance, polypropylene foam (EPP) also has good thermal weldability, which makes polypropylene foam (EPP) also widely used in car sheds, doors, roofs, carpet support materials, sound insulation panels, door linings and luggage racks, etc.; its good hot processing makes it widely used in control boxes, shock panels and other components. In addition, polypropylene foam (EPP) can also make steering wheel, door inner panel energy absorption protection pad, cushion, headrest, toolbox, cushion, dashboard and so on.

seats are occupied and luggage compartment is loaded;

2.3: turn on the headlight (headlight), and turn on the taillight, headlight and position light together. 4: adjust the headlamp lighting range according to the vehicle load to prevent glare: turn the thumb wheel to the desired position: O = front seat occupied; 1 = all seats are occupied; 2 = all seats are occupied and luggage compartment is loaded; 3 = driver seat occupied and suitcase loaded 5: adjustable brightness of lower train lights: dashboard lighting; information display The switch and control with lighting function turn the finger wheel and hold it down until the desired brightness is achieved.

The main driver and passenger car of Red Rabbit are equipped with electric seats and provide heating function in the front row. In addition, there are independent air outlets and temperature zoning control in the back row, which gives the back row more comfortable enjoyment. After the rear seats are lowered proportionally, the trunk capacity can be expanded to 952L at most, making it very convenient to travel during holidays. In addition, the 2023 Harvard Red Rabbit has designed 26 storage spaces in the instrument panel area, door area, luggage area, etc., including mobile phones, wallets, glasses, snacks, cards and other items have a suitable place to fully maximize practicality.

1. The core business is the R & D, production and sales of truck and construction machinery automobile interior parts, dashboards, seats, injection moulds and injection parts. Have the ability of system development and manufacturing from project planning, design and development, mold manufacturing and product provision. The process technology covers blister, foaming, molding, injection molding and so on, and the comprehensive strength is in the leading level in the domestic bus interior decoration industry. Asia-Pacific products cover all aspects of automotive interior, including dashboards, front and rear roofs, air ducts, luggage racks, seats, door posts, air outlets, paint, etc.; business covers the whole process of material research and development, product development, mold development and manufacturing, trial production, product provision and other services.

Almost every surface is covered with Herm รจ s EneaGreen leather, every surface! In addition to seats, door panels and dashboards, green leather is also used in accessible positions, such as retaining bars, air conditioning knobs and door handles. It also appears in areas that are not normally seen or touched, such as champagne buckets and glove boxes and luggage compartments.

seats are occupied and luggage compartment is loaded;

The first step, the preparation work before the car film, cleaning and installation of interior protection, the second step, according to the size of the window to cut the car film, the third step, front gear, rear gear and other window glass cleaning paste. The automobile interior mainly includes the following subsystems: dashboard system, auxiliary dashboard system, door guard system, ceiling system, seat system, post guard system, other driving room assembly system, cab air circulation system, luggage fitting system, engine cabin fitting system, carpet, seat belt, airbag, steering wheel, as well as interior lighting, interior acoustic system and so on.

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