Quilts, sheets, mattresses and towel s are washed and

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After application, there are local reactions such as burning, redness and itching, which is a normal reaction; do not rub your back after taking a bath, and gently absorb the water on the acupoint with a towel after shower. If blisters appear on the application site, try not to peel off the skin or bandage it. Keep the part clean and dry. In serious cases, you can go to the hospital for corresponding treatment.

The nurse earnestly does a good job in cleaning the class hygiene and environmental area. Quilts, sheets, mattresses and towels are washed and dried according to regulations. Health teachers conduct random checks on health care work from time to time, and urge nursing teachers to do a good job in every aspect of health care work, ensuring that children grow up healthily in a clean and warm environment.

Quilts, sheets, mattresses and towel s are washed and

Before swimming in the water, children must be taught to develop the habit of doing warm-up activities first, move their limbs, and wipe themselves with cold water if necessary to adapt to the temperature of the water. When the child is sweating, it is not appropriate to swim immediately. Dry the sweat with a dry towel, rest for a while, and wait for the pores to contract before entering the pool.

Parents can use warm and wet towels to wipe the baby, especially the head, limbs, armpits, groin, popliteal fossa and other places, through water evaporation to promote skin heat dissipation. When the baby has a fever, many mothers and old people will cover it hard for fear that the baby will freeze. In fact, if the room temperature is right, giving your baby a warm bath is one of the good choices to help cool down. If the baby develops to high fever, alcohol can be used to wipe the limbs and back to help the baby cool down as soon as possible, but it is best to be operated by a medical staff or under the guidance of a doctor.

Quilts, sheets, mattresses and towel s are washed and

Many girls have to use big-brand skin care products even if they eat dirt, but as the first step of the face-saving project, someone must have told you that basic facial cleansing is very important. If facial cleansing is not done well, no matter how good skin care products are used. Although washing your face is a simple thing for many people, if you want to clean your face without damaging your skin, you should first throw away your face washing towel and replace it with disposable cotton towels.

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