water and white sandy beach es. The average temperature

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The scenic spots in the amorous feelings area are mainly expected to be sea pavilions, fishing centers, Dongbin pavilions, marine life pavilions, etc., and open up projects such as speedboat sea sightseeing tours, beach treading waves, clam dancing, seafood picnics, seaside amusement, and so on, focusing on the characteristics of fishing ports. so that Chinese and foreign tourists enjoy the strong heritage of “sea culture” and “fishing culture”.

“every summer, goods around picnics become a hot spot of consumption in the UK.” Judy said that sunglasses, cool flower skirts, straw sandals, beach equipment, sunscreen and so on, will usher in a sales peak when the season is suitable for picnics. British people like to drink wine, champagne, flowers and beautiful cutlery and picnic equipment at home. For them, picnics are a cultural habit.

Citizen Lin Ying also has deep feelings. Having a picnic with your family during the May Day holiday is a new way of relaxing life that puts aside the troubles of daily work and gets close to nature. Before the holiday, Lin Ying and her family agreed to have a picnic on a beach near the less populated village of Qingguanding. “the environment here is quiet. For me, the meaning of a picnic is to be close to nature and make me love life more.” Lin Ying said that after making plans for the picnic, the family was very happy and discussed what kind of food and photo props they would prepare.

water and white sandy beach es. The average temperature

The fine and soft sandy beaches are accompanied by the clear sea, and people and things are so gentle and ironing. Hyatt Hotel of Qingdao Shandong Shang is located on Shilao Beach, with the beautiful scenery of mountains and seas, suitable for calming down to feel the moment of serenity and leisure spawned by the sea breeze. In order to fully feel the charm of Qingdao as a seaside city during a short holiday, the hotel has prepared outdoor picnic packages for guests who like to be close to nature, so that they can carry picnic baskets, walk out of the hotel and walk on the beach. enjoy the delight of food and beauty. In the evening, watching the afterglow scattered on the sea level like gold foil, the water sparkled until the sea and sky appeared, drawing a successful conclusion to the picnic.

Beihai City is famous for its clear water and white sandy beaches. The average temperature here is 22.8 degrees Celsius, which is an ideal place to escape the cold winter in northern China. In addition, there are many beautiful islands nearby, such as Weizhou Island and Dongxing Island, which are definitely worth visiting. If you are looking for a place to enjoy the serenity of nature, then you must go to Xinganling Forest Park. The forest park is home to a wide variety of plant and animal species and is a good place for hiking or picnics.

Preparation before shooting-sunscreen (skin touched by the sea is more likely to sunburn) mosquito repellent, folded large mirror (to facilitate makeup), change of clothes, slippers that can touch water, it is best to bring a portable picnic cloth (take a rest and eat on the beach when tired)

water and white sandy beach es. The average temperature

The woman is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs about 145 pounds. She is between 20 and 40 years old. She lay on the side of a beach towel with her head leaning against a pair of jeans and a blue headscarf. It is estimated that the body had been lying there for 10 days to three weeks before it was found. Her left head was crushed and almost completely decapitated. Although no weapon was found, it is believed that her head was almost chopped off with a military digging tool. However, her hands were amputated to hide her identity through fingerprints.

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