and inconvenient, after cooking lunch , the school canteen

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Today, the canteen partnership has been going on for two weeks. In order to make the old people eat happily, at ease and at ease, Master Xu Ding goes to the market to buy fresh ingredients early in the morning and finishes the cooking on time before the meal, so as to ensure that every meal is steaming hot. In view of the fact that the elderly are old and inconvenient, after cooking lunch, the school canteen is packed in a warm lunch box, and then the volunteers in the peony community “deliver food to the door,” so that the elderly can eat a nutritious lunch that warms their hearts and stomachs without leaving home. Up to now, the school has successively provided this service for three elderly people, delivering meals once a day, managing two meals in the middle and evening, and charging only the cost price.

Le buckle this lunch box is separate, the lunch box is full of 800ml, you can put food and rice. Two small round boxes can hold fruits and side dishes to enrich the lunch. The lunch box is also equipped with a thermal insulation rope tote bag, which is also very convenient to carry.

Chen Bing, principal of Donghu Primary School, said that the five-day care program is from 08:30 to 04:30 in the afternoon, the first and second grades are combined into one class, and there are a total of five trust classes in the remaining grades. 55 teachers from the whole school participate in the care, each teacher is in charge of half a day, and one or two special courses are launched according to their own strengths. In addition to the homework classes in the morning and afternoon, there are more than 40 courses, such as interesting guessing, calligraphy exercises, poetry conferences, Sudoku games, interesting craftsmanship, appreciation of masterpieces, English audio-visual, and so on, giving students a new experience. The school has also specially formulated nutritious recipes, which are sent to the classroom by a warm dining car to ensure that every child eats a hot nutritious lunch.

Eat more warm-up food, such as walnuts, dates, peanuts, so that congenital deficiencies are made up by acquired high energy, do not have to worry about getting angry, the palace cold physique belongs to the lack of fire, it is not easy to have symptoms of body heat. White-collar women pay more attention to eating these warm-up foods during lunch.

The Japanese attach so much importance to cherry blossoms that the annual cherry blossom season is something that will alarm the whole country. Not only will ordinary people begin to prepare lunches, clothes, picnic equipment for the festival, etc.; convenience stores and supermarkets will begin to offer a variety of desserts, snacks and supplies for flower appreciation;

Han Wenlong, deputy director of the Education Bureau of Xingqing District, said that after school at noon every day, the distribution car will arrive at the school on time, and the staff will deliver the incubator to the class gate, which will be distributed by the head teacher and students one by one. The price standard of box lunch is 11 yuan for middle school students in rural schools, 10 yuan for primary school students, 12 yuan for urban school students and 11 yuan for primary school students. “the food distribution mode has the characteristics of unified procurement, unified testing, unified processing and unified transportation. by strengthening the overall quality control, it is not only convenient for students to eat, but also eliminates the hidden dangers existing in the school canteen. Effectively improve the quality level of campus food safety, reduce the risk of food safety.” Han Wenlong said.

and inconvenient, after cooking lunch , the school canteen

In the past two days, with the sudden drop in temperature in Lanzhou, volunteers and staff at the isolation point and the closed area stuck to the front line to solve the distribution of all kinds of daily necessities for the quarantined personnel, but when the volunteers brought hot food to everyone and came back for dinner, their own hot meal had already become cold. In order to let epidemic prevention workers have a hot meal, on November 7, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce organized and directed the central kitchen responsible for temporary group meals and key catering enterprises to improve their equipment and facilities, equipped with incubators, constant temperature turnover boxes, special distribution vehicles, and so on, to meet the requirements of heat preservation and distribution of box lunches. On the same day, the central kitchen and key catering enterprises were equipped with and donated more than 1100 incubators, microwave ovens and other heating and heat preservation equipment to the distribution sites.

At the scene of Shandong Experimental Middle School, the staff of the Municipal Food and Drug Administration inspected the process of delivering and dividing meals to students, emphatically inspected the hygiene and marking status of the dining car, incubator and lunch box, and measured the temperature of the lunch box in the heat preservation box. “according to the regulations, each meal should not be less than 60 ℃ in the hands of the child, while the temperature measured today is 75.2 ℃.” A staff member of the Municipal Food and Drug Administration said.

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