quality of the top luggage products in China,

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Adhering to the Italian style, classic craftsmanship and wearing culture, Shachi is committed to providing successful people with high-quality high-end shoes and high-standard wearing services. at present, it has gradually developed into a brand integrating luggage, leather shoes, leather goods and other products. Shachi has set up nearly 1500 brand counters in the mainstream shopping malls in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other domestic first-and second-class cities, with footprints in major cities in China.

After years of development, the business industry in Guangzhou is becoming more and more mature, and the production and sales of all kinds of products are gradually subdivided and clustered, forming many professional wholesale markets. such as Baima clothing Wholesale Market, Guihuagang Leather luggage Market, Yide Road Toy Market, Seafood dry goods Market and so on. Dazzling, but also feel the infinite vitality of Guangzhou.

quality of the top luggage products in China,

Inside, the Air has an ultra-thin dashboard with no buttons and knobs; the center console seems to hang in a fixed position between its front seats; and the glass panoramic roof bends back from the top of the hood. Jenkins pointed out to me that the 280-liter space in the front, where the engine is usually placed (what they call a “frunk”), is the largest space an electric car has ever provided. The car has a total of 739 liters of luggage space, which also surpasses most traditional cars.

In order to enhance the brand value of the industry and realize the quality of the top luggage products in China, the Jiangxi Branch of Guangzhou Inspection and Certification Group was officially established, which means that the strictest quality inspection system in China has settled in Xingan County. to help Xingan County to create the best quality luggage products in the country.

Automobile interior and exterior decoration moulds mainly include automobile soft decoration parts moulds and foamed parts moulds, which are mainly used for manufacturing automobile ceiling, carpet, seat, side circumference, door panel, luggage interior parts, bottom guard panel and automobile instrument panel and so on.

The dashboard is a flat design element with a style similar to a sound bar that extends to the entire interior width in front of the driver and front passenger seats. Its soft knitted fabric surface creates a modern home atmosphere in the MINI-ConceptAceman interior. The dashboard is connected by a supporting structure that, like the roof luggage rack, shows a union pattern, re-emphasizing the harmony between the external and internal designs.

quality of the top luggage products in China,

Interior products include dashboard, door guard, ceiling, central passage, handrail, pedal, steering wheel, etc., while exterior products include front and rear bumper, grille, rearview mirror, spoiler, wheel cover, wing plate, luggage rack and so on.

In addition, Guangzhou has also formed a leading national cosmetics market cluster, leather luggage market cluster, jewelry market cluster and so on. There are 35 markets in Sanyuanli business circle alone, with ten thousand business households and more than 1200 leather brands. There are nearly 10 cosmetic markets, which is the largest wholesale cosmetics market cluster in the Asia-Pacific region.

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